Set: LED-backlight + polarized film + bivert-board


What led up to it:

Beginning 2014 I was asked by some members of the german Game Boy vintage szene wether I could create a backlight for the Game Boy classic.
It came out pretty clear that it should be a LED-backlight with improved features compared to already existing LED-backlights.
After 1/2 a year design, probing and changing a new LED-backlight was created that has a better homogenity of light distribution over the backlighted area, lesser brightness in general for a better contrast (higher brightness is not always better!), and quite less current consumption.
To offer a complete set, a biversion-board was created, too and a polarizing film.

Comparison of BLs after installation by DonKing
Nonfinite V5
BL from Backlight4you BL Nonfinite V5

This article is a set of:

  • 1 LED-backlight for the Game Boy Classic (DMG) and Game Boy Pocket
  • 1 polarized film, non-adhesive, for normal use and, if 90° rotated, for biversion mode
  • 1 biversion-pcb with colour coded cables for an easy installation

For technical details btw. the datasheets please look into the single articles of the set. Its provided there.

A very good BUT german tutorial for the whole installion incl. many pictures can be found here: Bivert-Mod für Game Boy DMG und Game Boy Pocket

A profound installation service for the Game Boy and other consoles offers Andreas König alias Don King, Germany: DonKing Konsolenservice


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