Polarized film, 75mm x 75mm x 0.28mm, non-adhesive



  • Polarized film for the Game Boy DMG LCD (not for the Pocket!) for free adjustment of the polarisation angle
  • Non-adhesive (there are 2 small glue stripes on the backlight itself to hold the polarized film)
  • Overall dimensions: 75mm x 75mm x 0.28mm (incl. the protection layers)
  • Removable protection layers at the front AND rear side, for optimal protection from dust or scratches
  • Polarisation color: blue-violet
  • Weight: ~1g


  • Basically to replace the org. polarized film and to specifically adjust the best polarisation angle
  • Togehter with the biversion-pcb it can be used to double invert the LCDs signal for a better contrast
  • Of course you may use this part for other applications, LCDs, filters etc.

Additional notes

Before using you MUST remove the protection layers on the front and rear side.

The polarized film will be necessary, only, if you have removed the orginal polarized film from the rear side of the LCD!
And of course if you want to make use of the biversion mod.
In that case the org. polarized film on the rear side of the LCD MUST be removed.


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