LED-Backlight-Kit for the ATARI Portfolio, warm-white


Almost 25 years after our very first backlight kit based on a luminescent film and an extremely flat EL inverter for the ATARI Portfolio ™, there is now a modern version based on energy-saving LEDs and an ultra-thin light guide.


The new LED backlight kit gives your Portfolio ™ modern, energy-saving and fairly bright backlighting. Another new feature is the wider selection of light colors for the backlight. In addition to warm white, green, orange-yellow, red and daylight white are also suitable. The color -blue- is expressly NOT suitable because the contrast due to the blue-violet pixels of the LCD is very poor.
These additional LED strips, which can be exchanged for the included warm-white LED bar, can be found here: Accessories for LED backlights
You can use the optional SMD slide switch on the side to determine when you want to work with backlighting and when you don't.

Installation qualification

You can install this backlight yourself if you have soldering experience and model building knowledge. If installed incorrectly, the kit or even the device can suffer irreparable damage - we expressly reject any liability for this. We currently do not offer an installation service. If you want to offer something like that, please feel free to contact us.


A very nice and detailed installation tutorial was made by Stefanie Rausch. An installation manual can be found above under the tab - Download-. And here comes a (german) link to an electronic alternative for the SMD switch.

What do you get?

These parts are included:

  • 1 HiTech light guide body with the appropriate foils for cutting
  • 1 LED bar with 4 LEDs, warm white light color, data sheet
  • 1 silver adhesive strip to cover the LED bar
  • 1 SMD switch (optional installation)

Notes: In comparison to the luminescent film, the current LED backlight has a better contrast and is brighter. On the other hand, the light distribution is not so homogeneous compared to the luminescent film. Due to the pressure of the flex contact foil folded inside, you can see a weak "stripe" near the left edge.


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