DC Jack 2.5mm



  • DC Jack with 2.5mm pin for our power supplies with 2.5mm DC Plug
  • Straight design with black mantle for optional use
  • Connections for soldering
  • Heads diameter: 8.93mm
  • Diameter screwing area: 7.85mm (= ideal dia for drill hole if jacket should be glued)
  • Diameter smooth area: 6.6mm (= ideal dia for drill hole if jacket should be screwed, e.g. in wood)
  • Total length of the metal jacket: 25.4mm incl. soldering connection


  • Flexible DC Jacket for either stationary and countersink use or with black mantle and cable for flexible application
  • To connect our inverters with our DC power supplies
  • Can be countersank/screwed/glued e.g. into light frames and panels
  • With cables and the black mantle as an external and flexible connection to a power supply
  • General low voltage DC application where a DC Jacket with 2.5mm pin is needed

Additional notes

Polarity of the pin inside is usually + and the outer connection - . The DC supply cables of our inverters are red for + and black for - polarity.
Hint: For soldering the connection of the inside pin we recommend to plug in the plug of the power supply. This allows a mechanical stabilization and heat dissipation.


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