EL-Panel, softyellow, 15mm x 160mm, laminated



  • high quality EL-panel with light off colour: softyellow and light on colour: softyellow
  • light colour -softyellow- gives off a better contrast to the blue-violett LCD pixels than blue!
  • all around lamination by factory for proper protection
  • 2 solderable contacts
  • overall dimensions(LxWxH): 15mm x 160mm x 0.33mm
  • luminous dimensions(LxW): 11mm x 155mm
  • lifetime >3000 hrs = 50% of initial brightness, useful lifetime >10.000 hrs
  • luminance ~ 10 cd/m2 (depends on voltage and frequency of inverter)
  • EL-panel can be cut by scissors if you need a smaller luminating area
  • watch the attached backlight exchange manual from below how to replace the EL-panel yourself
  • shipping in a stiff and stable box to prevent a buckling of the EL-panel for a safe transport worldwide


Main applications

  • backlight EL-lamp for display of Korg A2 Sequenzer
  • backlight EL-lamp for display of Korg A3 Sequenzer
  • other replacement applications and machines
  • ultra small and flat lighting applications
  • yellow night light
  • design and art objects
  • light spots
  • emergency lights

    (Notes: Application listing is uncomplete and without warranty.)


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