CCFL longlife  250mm x 2mm (L x ) white

CCFL longlife 250mm x 2mm (L x ) white

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Product no.: CFL20-0250l-s78
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  • electrodes prepared as: tinned wire ends

Main applications

  • backlight lamp for 12.1" TFT panels
  • white design illumination with a bluish hue

Technical data

Massbild einer Kaltkathodenlampe


Diameter 2 mm +/- 0.1 mm
Length L 250 mm +/- 1 mm
Luminous length LL > 230 mm +/- 1 mm
Length of electrodes > 10 mm + 15 mm
Warm-up time 3 min -
Working temperature 0 bis + 50°C -
Storing temperature - 50 bis + 110°C -
Working voltage 637 VRMS +/- 50 VRMS
Working current 5 mARMS + 1 mARMS
Power consumption 3185 mVA +/- 10 %
Sinusoidal AC 20 - 100 KHz -
Colour temperature 7800°K +/- 200°K
Visible colour weiss
Luminance 38000 cd/m2 +/- 5%
Lifetime 20000 h

Additional notes

CCFLs are made of glass, which is easily broken. The exchange of CCFL tubes and inverters requires certain technical skills. Our safety and handling instructions for inverters and CCFLs keep you up-to-date. We kindly ask you to read this instructions carefully, which can be found in the area: Information. Silicone cables and and silicone caps of the originally built-in CCFL can be re-used if in a good condition. If not re-usable we offer silicone replacement cables and caps and other hard to find parts in the area: CCFL -> Accessories.

As a replacement for





Notebook (TFT-panel): Dell Latitude C400 (LG Philips LP121X04), Dell X300 (Samsung LTN121XJ-L02), Epson M157A, HP Omnibook 2100, HP Omnibook 500, HP Omnibook 5500 CT, IBM Thinkpad 760 EL, Leo Designnote 6000 (LG Philips LP121S2), Toshiba 4090 XCDT, Pace Tech 4000, Pace Tech 4100CL, Pace Tech Modular

TFT-panel: AU Optronics B121EW01, Chunghwa CLAA121WA01, Chunghwa CLAA141XG01, Chunghwa CLAA141XB01, Fujitsu Siemens FLC31SVC6S-xx, Fujitsu Siemens FLC31SVC6W-xx, Fujitsu Siemens FLCT31SVC6S-xx, Fujitsu Siemens FLCT31SVC6W-xx, Hitachi LMG9970ZWCC, Hitachi LMG9972ZWCC, Hitachi LMG9980ZWCC, Hitachi SX31S003, Hitachi SX31S004, Hitachi SX31S008, Hitachi SX31S009, Hitachi TX31D02VC1CAA, Hitachi TX31D11VC1CAE, Hitachi TX31D21VC1CAA, Hitachi TX31D21VC1CAF, Hitachi TX31D21VC1CBE, Hitachi TX31D24VC1CAA, Hitachi TX31D27VC1CAB, Hitachi TX31D27VC1CBC, Hitachi TX31D28VC1CAA, Hitachi TX31D30VC1CAA, Hitachi TX31D35VC1CAA, Hitachi TX31D65VC1CAA, Hitachi TX31D67VC1CAA, Hitachi TX31D70VC1CAB, Hitachi TX31D72VC1CAA, Hitachi TX31D73VC1CAA, Hosiden Philips HLD1206-010850, Hosiden Philips HLD1206-020440, Hyundai BOEhydis HT12S11, Hyundai BOEhydis HT12S13-1xx, Hyundai BOEhydis HT12X11, Hyundai BOEhydis HT12X12-1xx, Hyundai BOEhydis HT12X13-1xx, Hyundai BOEhydis HT12X14, Hyundai BOEhydis HT12X21, IDTech IAXG01, IDTech IAXG01A, IDTech IAXG01B, IDTech IAXG01M, IDTech IAXG02C, IDTech IAXG02D, IDTech IAXG02H, IDTech IAXG02S, IDTech ITSV33N, IDTech ITSV45E, IDTech ITSV50D, IDTech ITSV50D2, IDTech ITSV50E, IDTech ITSV50H, IDTech ITSV50N, IDTech ITSV53, IDTech ITSV53C1, IDTech ITSV53G, IDTech ITSV53L, IDTech ITXG00, LG Philips LP121S1, LG Philips LP121S2, LG Philips LP121S3, LG Philips LP121S4-xxx, LG Philips LP121SA-xxx, LG Philips LP121SB, LG Philips LP121SP-xxx, LG Philips LP121X04-xx, LG Philips LP121x05-xx, LG Philips LP121X1-xxxx, LG Philips LP121X2-xx, LG Philips LP121X4, Mitsubishi AA121SB03-xxx, Mitsubishi AA121SB6C-xxx, Mitsubishi AA121SD11-xxx, Mitsubishi AA121SE01-xxx, Mitsubishi AA121SJ23-xxx, Mitsubishi AA121SKxx-xxx, Mitsubishi AA121XG02-xxx, NEC CA51001-xxxx, NEC CP021216-0, Samsung LT121S1-xxxx, Samsung LT121S4-105, Samsung LT121S5-105, Samsung LT121SL-105, Samsung LT121SS-105-xx-x, Samsung LT121SS-122, Samsung LT121SU-xxx, Samsung LTD121EA3K, Samsung LTM121SI-T01, Samsung LTN121S6-xxx, Samsung LTN121SU-xxx, Samsung LTN121W, Samsung LTN121X1-xxx, Samsung LTN121XF-xxx, Samsung LTN121XJ-xxx, Samsung LTN121XU-xxx, Sanyo Torisan LM-FH53-22NAWP, Sanyo Torisan LMG9970ZWCC, Sanyo Torisan LMG9972ZWCC, Sanyo Torisan LMG9980ZWCC, Sanyo Torisan LMJA5322NTW, Sanyo Torisan LMJC5322NTW, Sanyo Torisan LMJK5322NTFR, Sanyo Torisan LMJK5322NSQ, Sanyo Torisan LMJA6322NTR, Sanyo Torisan MSXS121022010, Sanyo Torisan MXS121022010, Sanyo Torisan MXS121022050, Sanyo Torisan TM121XG-02L10, Sanyo Torisan TM121SV-02L03x, Sanyo Torisan TM121SV-02L04x, Sanyo Torisan TM121SV-02L05, Sanyo Torisan TM121SV-02L07x, Sanyo Torisan TM121SV-02L09, Sanyo Torisan TM121SV-02L10, Sanyo Torisan TM121SV-02L11, Sanyo Torisan TM121XG-02L01, Sanyo Torisan TM121XG-02L02x, Sanyo Torisan TM121XG-02L03, Sanyo Torisan TM121XG-02L10, Sharp LM121SS1T509, Sharp LM121SS1T529, Sharp LM121SS1T55, Sharp LM121SS1T709, Sharp LM12S029, Sharp LS12S389, Sharp LS12S401, Sharp LM12S402, Sharp LS12S405, Sharp LS12S469, Sharp L12S47, Sharp LQ121S1DG11, Sharp LQ121S1DG31, Sharp LQ121S1LH01, Sharp LQ121S1LH02, Sharp LQ121S1LH03, Sharp LQ121S1LH01, Sharp LQ121S1LH13, Sharp LQ121S1LH33, Sharp LQ121X1LH02, Sharp LQ121X1LH22, Sharp LQ121X1LH42, Sharp LQ121X1LS50, Sharp LQ121X1LS52, Sharp LQ12DX03x, Sharp LQ12DX12, Sharp LQ12DX43, Sharp LQ12S05, Sharp LQ12S08, Sharp LQ12S31, Sharp LQ12S353, Sharp LQ12S405, Sharp LQ12S41, Sharp LQ12S471, Sharp LQ12S48, Sharp LS12S481, Sharp LS12S49, Sharp LQ12S53, Sharp LQ12S56x, Sharp LQ12X02, Sharp LQ12X12, Sharp LQ12X24N, Sharp LM80C229, Sharp LM80C36, Toshiba LTD121EA3K-x, Toshiba LTD121EA3P, Toshiba LTD121EA4X, Toshiba LTD121EAXY, Toshiba LTD121EA4Z, Toshiba LTD121EA0S, Toshiba LTD121KM1, Toshiba LTM12C025S, Toshiba LTM12C263, Toshiba LTM12C266, Toshiba LTM12C268, Toshiba LTM12C270, Toshiba LTM12C278E, Toshiba LTM12C283x, Toshiba LTM12C289S, Toshiba LTM12C318x, Toshiba LTM12C324x, Toshiba LTM12C328x, Toshiba LTM12C32BT, Toshiba LTM12C505V

(Notes: The codevariable -x- subsumes similiar panels with the same CCFL. Listing is uncomplete and without warranty.)

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