Shipping Info & Delivery Times

Breaksafe Packaging


Our CCFLs are packed safely into a stable cardboard tube. This allows small packaging units at low shipping costs.

Our EL-panels are packed into small and stiff cardboard envelopes for a buckle-free shipment.
The shipping costs of our EL-panels (up to 50g) for inside Germany are 4.74 Euro incl. VAT, for inside continental Europe 6.96 Euro incl. VAT and for worldwide shipping 5.85 Euro excl. VAT and customs, only.

Fast Delivery

Our goods are usually shipped by Deutsche Post and DHL. Check the table below, please, for delivery times to your country/region. A faster, but much more expensive service can be offered by express delivery, watch below.

Shipping Costs for our CCFLs and inverters by standard shipping by Deutsche Post or DHL:

Shipping costs are calculated by weight and will be displayed during the process of order in our shop.

For small quantity orders of e.g. up to 5 CCFLs or up to 5 inverters the following shipping costs will be calculated:

Inside Germany: up to 2 Kg 6.75 Euro incl. VAT
EU: up to 500 g 9.34 Euro incl. VAT
Europe (but Non-EU country, e.g. Russia): up to 500 g 7.85 Euro excl. VAT
USA, Canada, World: up to 500 g 7.85 Euro excl. VAT

Delivery Times of Deutsche Post and DHL:

Inside Germany about 1 - 3 days
EU and continental Europe about 3 - 14 days
USA, Canada about 7 - 30 days
World up to 6 weeks

Express Delivery

On demand (+49-7754-9258890) and extra costs we offer express delivery by DHL Express, UPS and FEDEX.

Important notice for our private customers from Switzerland:

According to the Swiss postal customs office there will be no charge of either value added tax of 8% or customs as long as customs and value added tax for the goods incl. shipping costs remain below 5.-CHF and of course shipped by german Post!

If the value of the goods incl. shipping exceeds 5.-CHF it will be charged additional to a lump sum of 20.-CHF for the money processing at arrival.
In case of our CCFLs the customs is negligible even for big ammounts of CCFLs.
It remains the swiss value added tax of 8%, only.

The following calculation helps to check the max. netto price of our goods incl. shipping costs for a customs free shipment: 5.-CHF / actual currency exchange factor, say e.g. 1.1 / swiss value added tax 0.08

Sample calculation: 5.-CHF / 1.1 / 0.08 = max. 56.80 Euro. Thats the price your goods can cost incl. shipping(!).
In this range you will receive our goods free of customs and value added tax and additional charges.