EL-Panel, azure blue, 43mm x 155mm, laminated

Ed B., Sunday 07 May, 2017

Ordered this EL panel to replace the EL panel of a Korg 01 R/W. Replacement was a quick fix and result is great. Within the delivery, there was an usefull guide with tips (read this guide!). One of the tips is to slide the replacement EL panel over the old one rather then to take apart the LCD screen to remove the old EL panel. Great tip and works like a charm. Just desolder the old EL panel connection pins attached to the PCB and remove (cut) the pins from the old EL panel. Then slide the new EL panel over the old EL panel (I didn't have to use any force at all) and solder the pins from the new EL panel onto the PCB (another tip in the guide is to use a copper coin as a heat sink to prevent overheating the EL panel pins which can cause them to detach from the EL panel). Thank you Backlight4you for the easy ordering process, quick delivery (DE -> NL) and comprehensive information within the delivery and this site!

Date: Sunday 07 May, 2017
Author: Ed B.
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