EL-Panel, pink-white, 19.5mm x 222mm, laminated

Bas M., Thursday 27 October, 2016

Great product, making my almost completely dark Mackie MCU Pro backlight back to live! After replacing the backlight strip, which demands a bit of patience and care and is more something for the experienced electronic technician, the Mackie Control looks and works as new. And that is of course also thanks to the very clear instructions how to handle and generally install the backlight strip. Hats off for the backlight4you people for this clarity.

Provide a proper hardfoam support to be able to put the MCU on its front and let it then rest on the space at the beginning of the faders and the black upright part in the back.
Mind that when taking everything apart of the MCU, which is pretty much straight forward and does not require more than paying a lot of attention, to watch carefully which bolt came out where and put everything carefully in the sequential order. And there is a little challenge as well, you have to manage to unscrew and later screw under a 90 degree angle with not more than a shallow space. And when you take the last part of the display apart, please mark it somehow e.g. with a little scratch on the side of the black display frame and the circuit board. Otherwise you get gibberish on the screen when you have turned it 180 degrees, unfortunately that is what I had to overcome. Please test before you completely reassemble the unit, but be careful not to touch the backlight connection and circuit because of the moderately high voltage that might give you a nasty knock.
Before reassembling, it is perhaps a good moment to clean the inside of the display screens (I also did the LED digit board) with the proper cleaner, like multimedia display cleaner agent. This way I got rid of a haze that was surrounding the digits.

Happy renewing and thanks again, backlight4you, for your outstanding service.

Date: Thursday 27 October, 2016
Author: Bas M.
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