EL-Panel, pink-white, 19.5mm x 222mm, laminated

Mark K., Thursday 05 January, 2017

Fantastic product. Totally fixed my MCU pro's for a fraction of the price of the Mackie part. I had an MCU Pro and an extender to do so I got 2 goes at it. I took many ques from the previous review and he is mostly right on the money. I'd just like to add my observations. The original backlights are not glued at all. The first one I did was slightly pinched under the frame so I couldn't slide it out. I loosened the metal tabs and pressed them in just enough that I could slide the old one out. The new Backlight4you one slid right in and I bent the tabs back in place being careful to provide a little downward pressure. This way I managed to avoid any of the previous reviewers problems with lining things up or reversing the lcd. It seemed likely to me that the new one could have been slid in right on top of the old one without removing it. I resolved to try that on the second one. Luckily (or unluckily for experimentations sake) the second one slid right out without me having to touch the tabs. I still gave sliding the new one in on top of the old one a try and it seemed like it would work fine that way. The leads are slightly shorter that the originals so you have to fold them carefully and pin them with an alligator clip or similar soldering tool. This also helps with keeping the lead from getting too hot. All in all it only took me about an hour and a half to restore my MCU's to nice bright lcds and most of that time was spent removing and replacing screws. I'm generally pretty good at this stuff but I'm certainly no pro. If you have basic mechanical and soldering skills this is a pretty easy procedure. Thanks Backlight4you!

Date: Thursday 05 January, 2017
Author: Mark K.
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