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EL-Panel, pink-white, 19.5mm x 222mm, laminated

Marin R.

(44 words)
First I would like to thank Backlight4you for their service. They have sent me panel in a very robust envelope which did excellent job of protecting it during the transport.
I bought it for my Mackie MCU Pro, and the whole process of replacement was..

EL-Panel, pink-white, 19.5mm x 222mm, laminated

Remy G.

(36 words)
Dears @ backlight4you,

I received the strip safely and quickly and I thank you for that.
I succeeded in changing this without problem, following the notice that come along and watching Matt Ottewill's instructions on YouTube:

EL-Panel, azure blue, 43mm x 155mm, laminated

Ed B.

(49 words)
Ordered this EL panel to replace the EL panel of a Korg 01 R/W. Replacement was a quick fix and result is great. Within the delivery, there was an usefull guide with tips (read this guide!). One of the tips is to slide the replacement EL panel over t..

EL-Panel, pink-white, 19.5mm x 222mm, laminated

Mark K.

(55 words)
Fantastic product. Totally fixed my MCU pro's for a fraction of the price of the Mackie part. I had an MCU Pro and an extender to do so I got 2 goes at it. I took many ques from the previous review and he is mostly right on the money. I'd just like ..

EL-Panel, pink-white, 19.5mm x 222mm, laminated

Bas M.

(40 words)
Great product, making my almost completely dark Mackie MCU Pro backlight back to live! After replacing the backlight strip, which demands a bit of patience and care and is more something for the experienced electronic technician, the Mackie Control l..

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