Cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) are very special and thin lighting tubes with extraordinary brightness.

These CCFLs are commonly used in applications like scanners, fax machines and copiers as well as backlights of all kinds of notebooks, laptops, TFT-flatscreens and flat-TVs.

Even so small applications like navigation systems, digital-photographs and video-cameras make use of CCFLs for there tiny display backlights.

CCFLs are facing an increasing popularity in design illumination and the automotive area as a small and hidden source of light.

Often protected by an acrylic housing they give off a kind and appropriate light.

The average lifetime of a CCFL ranges between 10.000h to 50.000h depending on quality type, diameter and application.

We offer:

  • CCFLs between 30 mm and up to 1000 mm length
  • Diameter between 2 mm and 6 mm
  • Electrodes as tinned wire ends completely prepared with siliconcaps, cables and connector
  • Quality types -Longlife- and -Standard-
  • Special designs, like U-type, circle or rectangular bending
  • Colour (CIE) or colour temperature (in Kelvin) according to your needs
  • CCFLs with UV-A, UV-B and UV-C emission
  • Several types of inverters like standard and electronic to drive the CCFLs
  • Accessories such as cabling sets, adapters, mounting clips and more

We like to supply you with CCFLs in nearly all kinds of shapes and colours. Additional we support a selection of inverters to drive our CCFLs.

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