CCFL clear glass  60mm x 3.6mm (L x ) UVC

CCFL clear glass 60mm x 3.6mm (L x ) UVC

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Product no.: RP-CFL36-0060c-uUC
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  • these lamps sell for a reduced price because the lamps surface is partially milky or the tubes may contain tiny glass-splitters. Both doesn`t reduce the function and is a mere visual spoiling.
  • electrodes prepared as: steel wire ends to crimp or screw, NOT solderable!
  • black rubber socket around glass ends for protection
  • very low production of ozone by covered clear glass

Main applications

  • measuring instruments
  • detection of hidden symbols on materials
  • disinfection, fumigation, removing of algae
  • fluorescence analysis, e.g. of gemstones and minerals

Technical data

Massbild einer Kaltkathodenlampe

Diameter 3.6 mm +/- 0,1 mm
Length L 120 mm +/- 2 mm
Luminous length LL > 80 mm +/- 1 mm
Length of electrodes > 10 mm + 15 mm
Warm-up time 3 min -
Working temperature 0 bis +50°C -
Storing temperature -50 bis +110°C -
Working voltage 225 VRMS +/- 50 VRMS
Working current 5 mARMS + 1 mARMS
Power consumption 1125 mVA +/- 10 %
Sinusoidal AC 20 - 100 KHz -
Colour temperature 254nm -
Visible colour UV-C
Luminance 0.25 cd/m2 +/- 5%
Lifetime 10000 h

Additional notes

CCFLs are made of glass, which is easily broken. The exchange of CCFL tubes and inverters requires certain technical skills. Our safety and handling instructions for inverters and CCFLs keep you up-to-date. We kindly ask you to read this instructions carefully, which can be found in the area: Information. Silicone cables and and silicone caps of the originally built-in CCFL can be re-used if in a good condition. If not re-usable we offer silicone replacement cables and caps and other hard to find parts in the area: CCFL -> Accessories.


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